Hear Her Cry

I don’t watch TV in Uganda, to be exact I never turn the TV on. This trip was different, every time the power went out and came back on the TV turned on. The first time this happened it scared me, I was nowhere near the clicker. Very early one morning this kept happening, the TV would turn on and I would turn it off. Finally, I gave up and left the TV on, the power never went out again. I think God wanted me to watch the programs that were on.
The first program Hear Her Cry was about the horrific situation women and girls in Uganda are dealing with now! COVID shutdown and inflation have increased the use of girls/women for income. Single mothers have no choice but to sell their bodies to earn money to feed their children. Tribal customs are increasing. Women and girls are in hell.
Betty our crisis counselor told me hospitals in Kampala are caring for many babies (8year old girls) giving birth to babies.

Empowering women/girls to have control over their lives is Kisoboka’s number one mission. What would you want the world to do if it were your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, female relative, or female neighbor being seen as a way to get money?

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