Mission Uganda

A mission team will be heading to Uganda in October!

This is the final semester of 2022, Kisoboka Junior primary seven students and Kisoboka High School sr4 students are studying hard to prepare for their graduating exams. 
The mission team will be hosting a career day at the High School. The day will include guest speakers, top-performing students, and recognition of our long-term teachers and staff.  

We will host our second Health Fair with the Kisoboka Medical Team.  The goal is to continue to educate and bring awareness of healthcare options.  Last week a 2-year-old child died of measles and malaria. She was treated with traditional medicine by the witch doctor for weeks. Her suffering and death might have been prevented had the family brought her to Kisoboka Medical Center when she first became sick.

The mission team will visit the seven women lead businesses Kisoboka sponsored.  The visits are to give the women love, encouragement, and support.

#hearhercry #investinwomen Janes brick-making business.
#hearhercry #investinwomen Home visit for a Jaja to sick to walk.
#sheworkshardforhermoney #hearhercry #investinwomen

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