The Good News

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics reports that only 40% of 13-18-year-olds are in High School only 8%that start high school will graduate. Kisoboka is working hard to change this statistic in the village of Bakka. 

The 2016  primary seven graduating class had 56 students
The 2020 senior four graduating class had 22 students. 39% of the students from primary seven made it through ordinary high school. 
Schools were closed in 2021. 
The 2023 senior 6 class -has 11 students 19% of the students from primary seven are enrolled in their second year of Advanced High school (similar to community college)
Next year some of these students will go to University to fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, surgeons, nurses, and businessmen/women. Kisoboka- It is possible!

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