Bakka Families Praying

During our visit, I received over 50 requests for school sponsorship from children who wanted to attend school. I receive sponsorship requests from the staff every day. Just so you know – the request I received today, “the stone quarry has been closed. Jaja Jovia has no income; today’s meal for this family of 5 was a shared potato.
Children who attend school will have a good meal every day.
We urgently need sponsors for Kisoboka Junior primary school,  Kisoboka High School, and trades training students. Kisoboka has the lowest school fees in the entire district. We need income to pay the staff, feed the students, provide the curriculum, etc. It is expensive to provide quality education at our schools.

Many of the letters from sponsored students say one of these statements 
My family prays for you every day!
We thank God for your life.
We pray. May the Almighty keep you alive and bless your life.
Thank you for providing my school fees.”

Several High School Students wrote, thank you for sponsoring me.   My friends that are not sponsored have yet to return to school because of school fees. Our Sr5 class this year is 100% sponsored students; not one student that is not sponsored returned to school.

Sponsorship is $420 per year or $35 per month. Email if you are interested.

If sponsorship is too much, please consider helping us provide some basic needs to for the schools.

Our schools are growing so is the demand for boarding.  We are the caretaker for many students.  Seven young girls were rescued from abusive relationships at home. They are all now in our boarding.
We need 29 additional beds for our dorms, $120 each.  Students are sleeping two or three to a bed.  This is not acceptable to the Ministry of Education.  If they discover this condition, our schools will be shut down.  This week the Chairman and Vice Chair of Bakka visited our schools to bring awareness to the concern and need for compliance.

Monday, April 3rd, a student at Kisoboka High School was struck by lightning in a classroom; she was unconscious for more than an hour and returned to school after two days. We urgently need to add lightning arresters to the school buildings. We need nine lightning arresters, one for each building $1,500 each. 

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