Investing in the Children of Bakka

Witchcraft is deeply rooted in Bakka.  Families, pray to spirts and their ancestors.  Seven Kings are buried in Bakka. Kings are powerful spirits.
Mukasa we nyanja……god of the sea
Ddungu…….god of hunting
Lubaale….god of wisdom
Nabuuzana….god who provides children
Bamweyana….god of wealth
Musoke…god of rain
And many more….
This week a young 8-year-old boy died from being attacked by a dog; he did not die immediately; he suffered for weeks.  His family brought him to the local witch doctor for traditional healing.  It failed, and the boy suffered a painful death.  

A young girl in the second grade was brutally raped.  The rapist was known.  The mother had to pay the police for them to attempt to catch the rapist. Girls and women are not valued. We need to empower them to bring change.  #hearhercry #investinwomen

The only way we can make change is by investing in the future of the children and families of Bakka through education.  Quality education needs funding; please consider investing in the children. We have a dedicated staff we need to provide them with the basic materials and equipment to provide quality education.

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