Journey to Justice

Kisoboka High School did a Confidential Survey

The results were overwhelming. #HearHerCry
1. Forty percent of the girls have been sexually abused. 
2. Fifteen percent live in fear currently in a sexual abuse situation  NOW.

Together we can do something about this terrifying reality.

Kisoboka Justice Team is actively working on 15 cases of incest, rape, and murder that have been brought to the Kisoboka Justice Team. Most girls are reluctant to come forward to get help because of the shame. We are meeting with groups and offering opportunities to talk individually.  

What would you want the world to do if it were your daughter, sister, mother, aunt, or friend?

Please donate to support Kisoboka’s Journey to bring Education, Healthcare, and Justice to the community of Bakka. Without justice, there will never be an end to poverty.  Women and girls will always be beaten down and fighting to survive.  Your donation will help us walk with them as they navigate the justice system. It is a terrifying walk.

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