Kisoboka Junior

In 2008, no child in the village of Bakka had graduated from the 7th grade.  By 2010, with the help of our sponsors the first primary-level graduating class of three students went on to high school.  In 2016, one of these students was our first high-school graduate, he went on to achieve a bachelor’s degree in education.

In 2015 the owner of the New Bakka Primary School in Bakka asked us to assume management of the school.  Sensing an opportunity to create a truly first-class Christian primary school in the region, we acquired the school in early 2016 and have renamed it Kisoboka Junior.  Enrollment in the school has rapidly increased to over 600 students, of whom 156 are sponsored by our friends and supporters.

Kisoboka Junior is academically one of the best schools in the region.  High quality education is provided in a village living below the standard of subsistence living.  Students, teachers, and parents are now filled with pride in Kisoboka Junior academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities achievements. The students are dreaming of bright futures filled with possibilities.


Kisoboka High School

Kisoboka starting a High School was the request of the students that graduated from Kisoboka Junior, where they received top quality education.  We sponsored them in the only local High School. In October of 2018 the students reported they were not receiving an education; their teachers were only visitors to the school.

The Lord heard their prayer, Kisoboka opened a very humble High School in February of 2019.  The building was an old brick structure with dirt floors. Only 4 rooms with capacity for 50 students.  When the school opened our reputation preceded us, we were over capacity on opening day with 92 students enrolling.

In July 2020 mid pandemic Kisoboka purchase a larger compound for our High School.  We now offer all Senior 1- Senior 4 referred to as ordinary High School, we offer Senior 5 and Senior 6 Advanced High School. (similar to Community College) we now have 260 students.

In 2022 Kisoboka High was a top performing High School in the we anticipate becoming one of the best in the entire district of Wakiso.

The High School still has many needs.  The buildings are old and in need of repair.  Parents that can afford to pay are intrigued by our reputation but turn away because of the conditions of the buildings. We need to make our buildings reflect the quality of education.


Kisoboka Medical Center

One of the greatest challenges Kisoboka faced in its effort to transform the community was the rampant poor health conditions of the people.  The rampant poor health conditions were never attended to or wrongly addressed by local herbs and spiritual practices by witch doctors.  Some children were dying of treatable diseases and others were missing school due to treatable diseases such as malaria, epilepsy, and worms.

In 2021 Kisoboka opened a Medical Center in Bakka to serve the community.  We have hired a team of qualified professionals, including a Sr Medical Clinician, Sr Clinician, Junior Clinician, Comprehensive Nurse, 3 mid wives’, physiotherapist, and a crisis councilor.   Kisoboka Medical Center is opened 24/7

We are the only Medical Center offering free physiotherapy for disabled children in the Wakiso Community.  Kisoboka values and invests in every child.  Even the children that will never attend school. A major accomplishment will be if the child learns to do the activity of daily living.

Kisoboka Medical Center needs to expand its offerings to include an operating room, Xray and ultra sound.


Small Business Assistance

By making small grants (usually only a few hundred dollars), we have helped people start or expand their small business ventures such as mobile-money services, sausage-making, videography and photography, selling mobile phone accessories, hair and beauty salons, and selling fruits and vegetables.  In this way, they are able to have meaningful self-employment and provide for themselves and their families.


Educational and Vocational Sponsorships

One of our main activities has been helping young people stay in – or return to – school.  We have done this by providing financial assistance – scholarships – so that they are able to pay their school fees and related expenses such as transportation and study materials.  The Ugandan people are eager for educational opportunities, and having an education opens doors of opportunity that can make an enormous difference in one’s quality of life.  Working closely with our representatives in Uganda, we attempt to maximize our resources by tailoring each person’s educational program to his or her circumstances and interests.  Some have pursued traditional university degrees and diplomas; others are in vocational programs where they are learning practical skills that will help them obtain employment in their chosen field.

Did you know that for as little as $500 you can sponsor a student for an entire semester of college in Uganda?  And vocational programs typically cost even less.


Community Services

For many people in Uganda, especially those living in a small, remote village like Bakka, meeting even the most basic necessities of life can be a tremendous challenge.  We provide support to the community, as well as to several families and individuals, so that they will have access to clean drinking water, medical care, mosquito nets, shelter, and food.  We have also worked to protect young women from sexual exploitation.

In 2013 we started providing medical care to all of the students and their families, at an average monthly cost of $500.  Each month twelve families suffering from a variety of illnesses, including TB, HIV, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy, are provided extensive medical care and food.

Very generous donors have provided eight bore holes for the village and set up several small businesses, including hair salons, produce stands, and tailoring businesses.  We have provided goats for 42 families; 192 families received hogs, and one family received a cow.