Hope Kaliballa, Chairman-Board of Directors

"Kisoboka supported me in my education and videography/photography business; now I help lead their efforts on the ground in Uganda."

Kalibbala Hope is Chairman, Board of Directors, Kisoboka Initiative for Progress. Hope was born in Kampala, studied in Masaka, went to St. Charles Lwanga Senior Secondary School, then to Old Kampala secondary school for his high school education. Hope Studied at Mukono Christian University and attained a degree in Community Leadership and Development. Using the knowledge and skills attained, Hope continued working in the community of Bakka village in Wakiso district and in Kampala, where he had been working for over four years before joining university, dedicating himself to service in Kisoboka Initiative for Progress. The combination of passion for the children and knowledge in Community leadership and a desire to see transformation in people’s lives was what gave him the drive to work hard as a projects manager in the various projects under the umbrella of Kisoboka Initiative for progress. It has been Hope’s joy seeing many school dropouts get back to school and attaining degrees and certificates, orphaned and needy children that had lost hope for education receiving quality education and dreaming to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, ministers in government, extra. Hope has been privileged to be part of the work that causes such transformations.