What We Do...

At Kisoboka Uganda, our mission is to provide the Ugandan people – both the young and the not-so-young –access to quality education, vocational and skills training, small business assistance, community services such as medical care, safe drinking water, and mosquito nets, plus basic necessities like housing, food and clothing.  In this way we hope to show them that it is possible – KISOBOKA – to break the chains of poverty and to have hope and a future.


Areas of Mission Focus

Primary Schools

In 2008, no child in the village of Bakka had graduated from the 7th grade.  By 2010, with the help of our sponsors the first primary-level graduating class of three students went on to high school.  In 2016, one of these students was our first high-school graduate, he went on to achieve a bachelor’s degree in education.

In 2015 the owner of the New Bakka Primary School in Bakka asked us to assume management of the school.  Sensing an opportunity to create a truly first-class Christian primary school in the region, we acquired the school in early 2016 and have renamed it Kisoboka Junior.  Enrollment in the school has rapidly increased to over 600 students, of whom 156 are sponsored by our friends and supporters.

Kisoboka Junior is academically one of the best schools in the region.  High quality education is provided in a village living below the standard of subsistence living.  Students, teachers, and parents are now filled with pride in Kisoboka Junior academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities achievements. The students are dreaming of bright futures filled with possibilities.

Educational and Vocational Sponsorships

Small Business Assistance

Community Services

Our History Of Imagining

Imagine a sprawling city

Imagine worship

Imagine an orphanage

Imagine the most loving, gentle, faith-filled people you have ever met

Can you imagine this?