Sandra Gannon, co-founder/Executive Director

“My heart is overflowing with love for the children of the village of Bakka. We are making a difference in their lives every day.”

Sandy Gannon is co-founder/Executive Director of Kisoboka Uganda, Inc.   Her first trip to Uganda was in 2008, where she witnessed hundreds of children suffering from treatable diseases and severe malnutrition, the average education in the village of Bakka was 4th grade. Sandy made a promise to God and the children she would work faithfully to change their lives.  Today Kisoboka provides education to 624 students in primary school 242 students in High School, and several students in the trades, and University. Kisoboka has a medical center located in Bakka educating the community on health care treating and preventing many diseases. This is accomplished through faithful sponsors and donors, together we are gently lifting the village of Bakka out of poverty by empowering them to dream and achieve their goals.