14 Years Ago

My first visit to Uganda was 14 Years Ago. This is one of my notes from the day I returned from Uganda in 2008.
I returned from Uganda today. I am tired after the 18 hours of travel my update will be short.
When we arrived in Uganda 24 people, met us at the airport. Even though I only knew one person, it was like meeting relatives that you do not get to see very often. There were 2 vans and a car.
The ride was quite an adventure, there are no street lights they drive on the left-hand side of the road and there are many potholes and speed bumps with MANY MANY people walking in the middle of the road, and small fires all along the road, the air was filled with smoke. Over the week the people that met us plus many more have become my lifelong friends.
It was amazing to me that although the poverty was more than I imagined the beauty of the people was very powerful. I immediately felt like I belonged.
Yes, many of the people that met us at the airport 14 years ago are still like family to me!

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