A Village Saint – Paul Gihana Kaliisa

Hadijja is a grandmom aged 55 living in Busawuuli, she mostly coordinates parents of Busawuuli to Kisoboka schools.
She was married to her late husband Katamba Siraj, he died when their last born Fatawa Mukwaba was 5 years old. Hadijja has raised her biological children as a single mother and this has been so hard.
More to that, her husband died when he had left a small piece of land and a small house where she is raising her children from.
In the same line, Hadijja has raised different kinds of children including those she accommodate when they are abandoned and she loves to help children as a Samaritan of God.
Hadijja’s biological children include;
1. Katamba Isma aged 32,
2. Mutyaba Husain aged 30,
3. Manvuwe Nankinga aged 29,
4. Nasifu Katende aged 27,
5. Sauda Namakula 25,
6. Nashiba Nakitende aged 24,
7. Nabatanzi Nabirah aged 22,
8. Swabula Nabuko aged 20 who finished senior four at Kisoboka High School,
9. Nakiyimba Rahuma aged 17 in senior two
10. Katamba Siraj in senior 1 aged ? both at Kisoboka High school and
11. Mukwaba Fatawa aged 13 in grade four at Kisoboka Academy School

In the same category, she also raises her grandchildren in the same house, and these include;
1. Hasilat Nakitende,
2. Navuga Hasanati,
3. Nelson Ssenkubuge,
4. Lunkuse Sanyu and
5. Lutaaya Sharif.
In addition to that, Hadijja also raise children that she finds abandoned in the village and these include;
1. Ziwa Mohammad,
2. Nyombi Isa,
3. Nakazi Jamirah,
4. Sarayin Namiro,
5. Rahima Mutebi,
6. Namubiru Latifa and
7. Welder Nalwanga.
Hadijja is a strong woman who has a big heart that does not care for what she gains but how she can help the needy.
She is a peasant woman on a subsistence level and it’s the biggest challenge because Agriculture on a subsistence level in Uganda is not a liability due to climatic changes like global warming brought by high levels of deforestation. Away from her garden, Hadiija works on other people’s farms for money so as she can get sugar, salt, soap, fuel, and other basics for her big family.
In the same line, Hadijja is a strong-hearted woman that wants the future of children she looks after to be brighter that is why she fights a lot to educate them and all are in Kisoboka Schools, she narrates that kisoboka schools are the best schools within Bakka that have high standards of education and quality teachers.
As a single mom, Hadijja lacks a lot at her place to cater to the big family she has. Her children are mostly affected by malaria and it’s a big challenge due to the lack of money for medical care and mosquito nets.
In addition to that, this single mom lacks a lot for example food, sugar, paraffin, mattress, beds, mosquito nets, and others.
On the side of Nyombi Yisa and Mohammed, these are kids who were abandoned in the small one-roomed house by their father because he had got another wife due to the domestic violence that forced their mother out of the marriage.
After Hadija tracing that the children were abandoned in a one-roomed house without food, she got them and started looking after them despite of the big family she has.
In conclusion, Hadijja is a strong woman of Bakka and Busawuuli she has shown a Godly heart without any external support but depending on her small garden.
In addition to that, she thanks Kisoboka Organization that has helped in educating her children, providing food, also a goat that even gave birth to two kids, and her children were all very excited.
She prays to God to bless the missionary work that Kisoboka is doing in Bakka, Uganda at large.

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