A thank you note fromĀ  Rebecca

Rebecca,  Advanced Level High School Graduate 2020.
I come from a family of 8 members, our parents (subsistence farmers) could not afford school fees for all 6 children. Kisoboka started sponsoring me while I was still in primary level up to now when I have completed my Advanced Level High School.
Life in my village is very hard especially for young girls like me who become mothers at a very tender age and they fail to pursue their dreams. If it was not for the involvement of the Kisoboka organization, I would have been pregnant, a young mother possibly unluckily with AIDs.  Thanks be to God that Kisoboka helped in acquiring education for free. I am looking forward to fulfilling my dream of becoming an accountant.   
May God bless all the work of Kisoboka and I know everything is possible with God. your daughter, Rebecca

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