The Story of Kizza Favor and her family

Am Kizza Favor from Lukunyu Ntinda a sister to Nakato Nantale Florence and we study from Kisoboka Junior School in grade three and five respectively.
I live with 6 members at home currently raised by a single dad Natale Lawrence. My siblings are Nakato Nantale Florence, Babilye Zalwango, Nakato Gorret and Wassaja Junior.
My dad struggles to get basics from his occupation of digging toilet pits, this has made us suffer from the time our mother left home.
Our mother got misunderstandings with my dad and left Wassaja Junior our young brother when he was still 3 months old.
Nantale and I have been struggling with the help of our dad to raise him and currently is 9 months.
In the same line, the condition at home is currently bad in that our dad has failed to raise our book and other scholastic materials for the school but we were told by teacher Paul to come at least to attend.
In addition to that, feeding at home also is so poor and this escalated by the time our mother left us.

NOTE: The story was narrated by Kizza (right) and Florence (left). Both girls are both sponsored, they are all praying for Zalwango (second from left) and Gorret (second from the right) to be sponsored. Please contact Sandy if you are willing to sponsor Zalwango and Gorret, they are twins. Twins are 2 for the price of one.

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