Kisoboka 2021

Thank you, for supporting Kisoboka Uganda, Inc. During this second year of a global pandemic, we’ve been able to not only maintain but grow all of the projects under Kisoboka umbrella. Without your help, and the help of other friends of Kisoboka this would not have been possible. Our goal this year has been to answer the needs of the people. Hunger and sickness was rampant. Providing take-home school lessons for our students was critical to keep them off the streets and on the path to a better life. Here is an overview of our work:

Kisoboka Junior and Kisoboka High School
Our schools maintained the best academic performance in the community by providing top-quality education, even during the pandemic shut-down.

Advanced Level High School (similar to a community college).
This Advanced Level High School, the first of its kind in the history of Bakka, was built in 2021 and is scheduled to open January 10th 2022.

Kisoboka Medical Center
Opened in May of 2021, the Kisoboka Medical Center includes a maternity ward and a physiotherapy center. Our medical team has successfully tackled the common diseases, such as malaria, typhoid, and pneumonia. They have also brought critical awareness to our patients about self-care and taught them how to avoid HIV infections and other transmittable diseases. The medical team’s major accomplishment has been educating the community and changing the prevailing mindset that illness, diseases, and disabilities are the result of being cursed.

Feeding the community
Food was provided to families throughout the drought and during the pandemic shut-down. (Uganda just opened on December 31st after being shut down for 2 years). In addition, a traditional Christmas meal provided joy for families during the holiday season.

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