Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

Oh, Uganda, My Heart Breaks For You!
We canceled our October Mission Trip. Uganda is dealing with an outbreak of Ebola. Doctors and Nurses are exhausted from dealing with COVID. They are tired, frustrated, underpaid and expected to work without the proper protective gear.  Doctors have died. Interns are going on strike, and Ebola is spreading.

Students at Kisoboka Junior are learning about Ebola and how to prevent getting it.
The school was hit hard by monkeypox 72 cases. Crowded nursery classrooms and dorms make it very difficult to social distance.
There was one recorded death of monkeypox death in the village of Bakka.

AIDS is still the leading cause of death in Bakka.

Children still die of measles.

There is a Polio outbreak in Uganda

TB is a problem. 

The need for medical education and care is endless.

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