Kisoboka provides families and students living in the Village of Bakka with choices.
Parents can choose to send their children to school for an education.
Students can choose to stay in school to fulfil a dream or not but doors and opportunities are available to them to make choices to pursue careers, and many educational options they never had before.

While the families and student have these choices, the choice to send a young adult (teenager) to High School is very difficult. Sacrificing food and income now for the hope of a brighter future is not easy. Drought, 2 year of shutdowns, no income, schools closed and staggering inflation has crippled the economy of Uganda. The Government of Uganda predicts that more than 30% of High School students will not return to school in 2022. Every able body in the family must work for the family to survive.

FYI An example of inflation we can relate to from September 2021 – November 2021 the cost of petro (gas) has increased by 15% and continues to rise.

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